I am always searching for great low cost and even free books on Beekeeping. I often learn something new from each of these books, so I thought I might share my latest find.

51tfJC8gl0LBeekeeping: The Ultimate Guide To Beekeeping: How to Start Your First Colony and Avoid Common Mistakes and Pitfalls (Beehive, Raw Honey)
by Chris James

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Beekeeping The Ultimate Guide To Beekeeping: How to Start Your First Colony and Avoid Common Mistakes and Pitfalls (Beehive) If you’re interested in educating yourself or entering into the unique and diverse world of beekeeping then look no further! This book is for you! This book will be the perfect tool for you to learn everything you need to know about beekeeping, how to start your very first colony and how to collect and utilize the raw honey! You will learn which bees to choose, what to keep them in, how to care for them, what to wear, how to protect yourself and how to best use the bee byproducts! Beekeeping can be a tough field and hobby to get into and helpful, factual information can be even harder to find, let alone rely on. Thankfully, this book can provide you with that! Everything you need to know is right here at your fingertips! There is also a chance; you have sought out this book after some frustrations or struggles. Maybe you’ve tried to start your own colony and experienced several struggles. Or, maybe you started beekeeping and were unsure of how to protect yourself. There is even a possibility that you started your first or second colony but it’s just not working the way you want it to and you want to explore different, better options. Whatever struggles you might be experiencing, this book is here to offer expert and factual advice to help you improve your beekeeping experience! This book includes – An introduction to beekeeping – Information assisting you on how to decide if beekeeping is truly something for you – Information on how to choose your bees – Information on where to keep you your bees – Information on what to wear and how to protect yourself – Laws, Regulations and other things to think about when beekeeping – How to collect and utilize your raw honey – Information on honey bee diseases and how to prevent them from infiltrating your colony – Common mistake made while beefing and how to avoid making them

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