Even in the cold months I love to go out into the garden and snoop around to see what is happening with the plants and bugs. I have a tendency to be neglectful during the holidays, but once January hits I am planning my next big project for the yard. This year we are tearing up the front lawn and putting in a new landscape that will be drought tolerant, and will be a haven for bees, butterfly’s, and humming birds. If I am going to be honest with myself, I know no matter how many plants I put in that humming birds like, I will only attract one. I know exactly who it will be, and the guy is a bit of a jerk. If any other humming birds try to come into his territory, he chances them out like a wild beast! There have been more than a few occasions where he tried to intimidate me, and I won’t lie, I was worried. I was certain he was going to poke me in the eye. Never the less, I will still create a garden that is beneficial to my favorite bugs and birds.

Unfortunately, over the years my favorite home and garden network, that I would turn to for inspiration, has evolved into a channel that is less about gardens, and more about flipping houses. So I had to go across the pond to BBC. This is where I met the man of my dreams (sorry Christian), Monty Don! What a dream boat. If you are missing the good gardening shows as I am, check out his series on on BBC2, Monty Don’s American Gardens. If you are like me and don’t get BBC2, you can watch it on YouTube. He has a number of different gardening shows that explore both large and small gardens, so there is something for everyone. It was on one of his shows that I was introduced to the Helleborus. A plant that blooms in winter and spring. This gorgeous plant not only brings much needed blooms in your garden during the winter, but it also provides food for bees. Monty Don didn’t have tell me twice. I grabbed my mother in law and we were off to the garden center at the local hardware store. Much to my surprise they actually had the exact plant I wanted. They were a bit on the pricier side, but I don’t mind spending a bit more for a perennial. If I can keep it alive that is. My method of gardening has always been trial and error, and I have error-ed a lot. However, there are some professionals who can size of greenhouse. These experts have the knowledge and experience to assess your gardening needs and determine the appropriate dimensions and specifications for your greenhouse. Also, while you’re gardening, it’s essential to be mindful of invasive species like japanese knotweed identification and management are crucial.

I am not sure exactly were I will be planting these two beauties, but look at those blooms!! Right now they are right below the bees hive. Quick and easy meals for them. ENJOY LADIES!!! I will be sure to keep everyone updated each step of the way with our front yard transformation.