The backyard is done, the two new bee colonies are settling into their new home. As far as I am concerned Spring has sprung and I am ready for Easter. Last night my partner in crime and I picked up our two new colonies and put them in their new bee boxes. We were really handling them a lot this time since they did not come on five frames that we just stick in the box. This time it was just a box full of bees and a queen in a smaller separate box. The whole process went fairly easy and the bees were pretty calm through it all. This wasn’t my first time working with bees, but I was still amazed how easy they are to work with, and the bad reputation bees have in general. People still jump away and swat at bees when one buzzes around them. I had quite a few ladies buzzing around me, landing on my arms and head, and not one stung me or called me a name. They seemed mostly pretty curious. I was wearing a bee suit though, so don’t think I was being brave or taking chances. I am feeling pretty confident about these two colonies and some of the changes we made in our methods. I am really hoping for some good honey this year.

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