My sweet bees seemed to have a much easier time yesterday when they woke up and once again noticed they were moved two feet. I also opened up their entrance to twice the starting size. I think the colony is growing pretty fast. I see a lot of bees going in out foraging and coming back with legs full of pollen. When I finally get them to their final location I am going to add another level to their home and check on it in a month to see how there progress is. I am hoping to add a third level a month after that, but I doubt that would happen, unless they are just super productive. I am thinking it won’t be until next spring when I can add a a third level. The third level is where I can get honey. The first two levels are all theirs. I think. After three years of beekeeping I have learned I really know nothing at all. I can identify a bee though… that’s a great first step.

Moving Bees A Short Distance Is Killing Me
I Can't Wait Until I Can Stop Moving These Bees!!!!!!

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