I want to help save the planet. I stopped using disposable water bottles, I don’t use weed killer, and I recycle. I decided I want to step it up a notch and try the reusable wraps made with beeswax. They are good for wrapping sandwiches, halves of fruit, or even sealing bowls. You use them instead of a disposable plastic bag or Saran Wrap. I spent an hour shopping for the perfect set, did my research, and finally decided on a multi-pack that made sense for my needs. I was a little peeved that it was not an Amazon Prime item, and I would have to wait 5 days. FIVE DAYS! Who waits five days for anything anymore? Fine. I was hoping to save the planet sooner, but I guess it can wait five days. The package finally arrived and I was super excited. FINALLY I could start saving the planet more. That was two months ago. I opened the box, put the reusable wraps in the cabinet and haven’t looked at them since. I am feeling so guilty. Not the same kind of guilt you get when you don’t use a gym membership, but about five levels lower. Maybe I will look at it today. Definitely tomorrow.

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