I feel bad for anyone who tries to have a conversation with me right now. No matter what they say I will always bring the conversation back to the fact that I finally had a swarm of bees move into my bait box. I am still just so thrilled about it. The sun was out yesterday and they were busy doing their bee thing. It looks like they are planning to stay, and that is very exciting. So far my friends have been pretty supportive and excited as well, so today I will try to not mention it more than once to the same person. This is going to be very difficult because this is the last week of school for our kids and most people want to talk about Summer Vacation plans and how sad they are that they kids are growing up. Yes yes…so sad, kids moving on to junior high…did I mention I got a swarm?

Just When I Was About To Give Up On A Swarm
The Swarm Built Comb On The Lid Part 1

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