IMG_9145Rachael and I are just about as excited as two newbee’s can bee. I got a message from a friend yesterday letting me know one of her clients is selling two complete hives from swarms he had gathered locally, for super cheap. Per his wife’s order he needed to get rid of them ASAP. My friend asked if I was interested. Ummm, let me think about it….. YA! NOW GIMME NOW! Okay, deep breath. Yes, that would be delightful. I guess my non-stop chattering to anyone who would listen to me about bees is paying off.

The real treasure that I think we will get from this is the gentleman has been a beekeeper since 1969. No amount of reading and Googling can compare to that amount of knowledge and experience. I contacted the him immediately and we made plans to meet on Monday. After only a 10 minute conversation, I was already learning a great deal and I asked him if he would mind if Rachael and I picked his brain. He said he was more than happy to answer any questions we might have. One thing I love about beekeepers, is they are always more than happy to spread the knowledge. I think it is because they truly understand just how important bees are to our very existence and the more beekeepers the merrier.

It’s going to be pretty hard to think of anything else beside getting the two hives on Monday. I have done nothing else but think about all the possibilities. The first thing I realized is that we might have a little bit of honey to share with family and friends this Christmas. I figured the first year wouldn’t produce much with one hive, but three might get us a few stocking stuffers. Tiny ones though. I want most of it for us, but I will share a little bit.

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